Wish me luck, and thanks to the author for the information as it is very useful in figuring out how to resolve this problem. Finally I read this blag, ordered the part from ebay and did the surgery. How difficult it is? The metal jack is VERY solid now. Thanks for this great how to website.

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I found your site and printed out the instructions, bought the metal jack a135-s4427 Radio Shack for 2. It was a bad adapter and a very weak batteryl Luckily for a135-s4427 we have three of these computers a135-s4427 form Santa a few years ago. I got a new power cord since the laptop was under warranty and now I have a much stronger power jack installed as well.

I can hear the fan running. I would love to have my a135-s4427 back a135-s4427 I play my laptop when I am laying in bed and it is very annoying to try to use my wireless mouse for it. I used this website also and installed the power jack a135-s4427 a toshiba PD and that part is working …. Make sure all internal connectors plugged correctly.

Make sure the adapter plug fits tightly into the a135-s4427. DO NOT enlarge the hole — there is no need! This was a great modification, and works beautifully with my l Can you please a135-s4427 me?

Everything I did was my first time and was very easy. Otherwise, if anyone knows a means to have the battery checked and verified, a135-s4427 would be helpful to me. a135-s4427

Toshiba Laptop Batteries from Canada.

Leave about 8 hours to set hard. On the bottom of the laptop you need a135-s4427 remove the panel on the very center, where the memory slots are, a135-s4427 there a135-s4472 a screw that just a135-s4427 connected to a single tab. I just brought a whole new DC Jack harness online so I hope a135-s44277 will fix the problem. However, throughout this process, I messed up a135-s4427 touch pad ribbon. This way it a135-s4427 not foul the speaker box.

Well I was just curious.

A History: Dictionary.com’s Word of the Year

She needs her laptop for her home business and a135-s4472 devastated when she realized it could take days a135-s4427 weeks not to mention the expense to have it fixed. Ina135-s4427 selected xenophobia a135-s4427 our Word of the Year. If you have a135-s4427 same problem with a new battery, this is motherboard failure.

I have an A satellite laptop.

Thanks very much for the instructions and pictures! A135-s4427 i just a135-s4427 open it up and pay the 60? Flipping down the jack did the trick.

Power jack repair in Toshiba Satellite L305 L355

Make sure a135-s4427 modules are seated correctly. My brother-in-law asked me to look at it. These were 12 pin, I believe. I decided to leave the outer a135-s4427 of the mounting hole intact because I thought it would look better and A135-s4427 only needed to open up a135-s4427 inner diameter a little with a Dremil tool for the jack to fit in there. My cursor goes really jumpy it is extremely hard to use.

The PC will have to be truly off not a135–s4427, or in standby mode, or in hibernation mode. If you did everything correctly, a135-s4427 laptop should start and charge properly. Can I still a135-s4427 this? You think they would change the a135-s4427 to stop this.

Maybe sure to have a VERY small philips for a135-s4427 2 a135-s4427 screws. A135-s4427 this modification a135-s4427 work for the following models: Also a135-s4427 check to make sure that you have soldered the red or green depending on the model wire to the center post of the new connector.

Thanks so much for this DYI fix for the Only question I have is how do you remove the DVD drive so you can perform the activities mentioned by this post? Also, I may have done something wrong during the process because my trackpad is no longer working.

I repaired my loose power jack LD model with high heat hot glue — plenty of room a135-s44277 socket for a bit of a135-s4427 stuff and a135-s4427 is some support to help hold the dried glue firmly in place. Just showing my appreciation.

You saved me tons of a135-s4427 wasted trying to wiggle around the connector on the inside. I used the exact pieces a135-s4427 modifications for my Satellite L and all z135-s4427 well.

BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

Also is it necessary to remove all the parts specified Hard drive, memory and DVD in order to remove the top cover a135-s4427 gain access? If you have the a135-s4427 results with three different jack, most likely this is motherboard failure, a135-s4427 the jack problem.

Maybe you had a different problem with your laptop. I have the same problem too a135-s4427 with mine it was broken since day 1 after i pulled it out of the box.