Page Customizing Mail Box Settings Open a package of paper, and remove the paper stack. Page Press [1 2-Sided]. Press Select the inbox that you want to initialize. Loosen the two screws fixing the back width guide of the envelope feeder attachment. Place the staple case, as shown below, press the area indicated by PUSH, and then pull out the staple cartridge. What Are Additional Functions?

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If you want to change the print settings, press canon dadf-n1 P Settings]. Recalling Previous Copy Jobs You can recall the three most recent copy canon dadf-n1 and make copies using these settings. Press a mode key to specify its settings.

You do not need to set the Margin xanon.

Different Size Originals This mode enables you to copy scan different size originals with the same widths or different widths, together as one group. NOTE If the Collate or Group mode is set, the output tray moves downward as the stack of paper that is canon dadf-n1 increases in quantity and thickness.

If canon dadf-n1 optional Copy Tray-J1 is attached to the right canon dadf-n1 of the machine, and the optional Additional Finisher Tray-B1 is attached to the Finisher-S1, prints can be delivered to three different locations.

Close the feeder cover. Page 28 If you want to stop, interrupt, or copy another original during a copy job, follow the instructions below. Page 68 Press this key to change, check, or and canon dadf-n1 status of devices and consumables cancel jobs, and to check or print the job are displayed here.

The selected mode is set. I side side Fill in the check sheet, located on the canon dadf-n1 page, to document your periodic inspections of the breaker. CAUTION Do not place any objects on the finisher unit, or lean on it, as doing so may damage the machine, or cause the machine to fall over, resulting in personal injury. There are three types of the Canon dadf-n1 Erase mode: Page Make the following settings depending on the feature selected.

Original scanning area thin glass strip is dirty. Page Press [Zoom Fine Adjustment]. NOTE A right triangle on a copy mode setting key indicates that more setting screens are available canon dadf-n1 pressing canon dadf-n1 key. Press this key to change, dxdf-n1, or and the status of devices cwnon consumables cancel jobs, and to check or print the job are displayed here. The border is where the binding holes are located on the original, if you visualize the original as being face up.

Page 94 If this happens, you may have to call your local authorized Canon dealer canon dadf-n1 fix the machine. Enter all four digits of the year, canon dadf-n1 the time in hour notation, as four digits including zeros without cxnon space. Adjusting the Contrast This mode enables you to scan and record, or make copies of the originals with a sharper or softer contrast. Auto Orientation If Auto Orientation is set to ‘On’, the machine uses information, such as the size of the original and the zoom ratio, to determine the most suitable orientation for the specified paper size and automatically rotates the image, if canon dadf-n1.

Page Remove any jammed paper. Please read this guide before operating this equipment. To enter a space, press [Space]. Fix the canon dadf-n1 width guide in place with the screws. If the breaker is canon dadf-n1 the OFF position, contact your canon dadf-n1 authorized Canon dealer without turning the breaker back Canon dadf-n1. Press to cancel all settings and restore the machine to Standard Local Print Settings. Page Close the feeder. Remaining number of sheets that can be scanned Print Screen The items that are displayed on the Print screen are explained below only the icon with the lower remaining number of sheets is displayed: Checking the Page Counts on a Control Card You can check the page counts on the control card you are currently using.

This manual also for: If the document cannot be moved to the selected inbox, a message appears telling you that the move cannot be performed. The facing pages of a book or bound original are copied onto the front and back sides of a single sheet of paper.

Repair the Supply Memory Error on HP , , and

Page Device Information Settings, About the Feeder DADF-N1 canon dadf-n1, Display contrast dial, Canon dadf-n1 paper jams, Displays used canon dadf-n1 this manual, xi Feeder cover, Duplexing Unit, Original output area, Original set canon dadf-n1, Original supply tray, Parts and their functions, Slide guide, Entering characters from the touch panel display Pull down the upper cover of the fixing unit by its tab, and remove any jammed paper.

Inverting Images This mode enables you to make copies of, or scan and record the original image by inverting black and white. Continuous scrolling is useful when a large number of Department IDs are registered. This key is displayed only when multiple documents are selected. Press [Clear All Totals].

Repair the 10.10.00 Supply Memory Error on the HP 4240, 4250, and 4350

Canon dadf-n1 your hand where the hand symbol is located on the right cover of the main unit, and then gently close the right cover until it clicks into place in the closed position. Page numeric keys to enter the Department ID and password. An illustration of the machine with cznon optional equipment attached to canon dadf-n1 is also provided. Types of Message Boards The following canon dadf-n1 types of message boards are available: You can also enter values using numeric keys.

Available Paper Stock Available Paper Stock The paper types that can be used with this machine are shown in the following canon dadf-n1. If you are printing on the back side of a previously printed sheet, press [2nd Side of 2-Sided Page].