Reference unknown; see Dixon disambiguation for possibilities. Chassis Intrusion And Detection Pci Bus Connectors Uses the V chipset Springdale-GV. Used in the Santa Rosa platform. Based on the LSI chip.

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インテル® デスクトップ・ボードのポート 80h POST コード

Most processors after a certain date were named after cities boarf could be found on the map of the United States. Mount Prospect is a village in Cook County, Illinois. Desktop Board Resources Instantly Available Intel desktop board d845glva Ninth intel desktop board d845glva Centrinoa mobile platform combining the Haswell processor with the Lynx Point chipset.

First-generation Pentium 4 processor, and the first implementation of the NetBurst microarchitecture. Support Home Boards and Kits.

Intel SKP server motherboard. Supported Memory Configurations Intel series Ethernet PHY. Reference unknown; see Yamhill disambiguation for possibilities. Use Only For Intended Applications Power And Hardware Control Bkard Developed jointly with Micron Corp. Reference unknown; see Prescott disambiguation for possibilities. Four sockets for Itanium 2 processors, E intel desktop board d845glva, 4U chassis.

Also the codename of a platform combining these components. Recovering Bios Data Audio Subsystem optional Recovering The Bios Dimm Installation Guidelines Reference unknown; see Dixon disambiguation for possibilities.

Intel DP67BG enthusiast desktop motherboard. Atom S, a dual-core SoC aimed at low-power, high-density servers. Successor to the Haswell microarchitecture. Bios Setup Configuration Jumper Settings Intel SECW2 two-socket server board.

A core CPU based on a mini-core. Intel DQCO desktop motherboard.

Slot 1FX Natoma chipset. Intel SDS2 two-socket server motherboard.

Used in the Santa Rosa platform. The system identification information screen in BIOS Setup provides the following product information:. Intel Nitel server system. Intel SWP1-E server motherboard.

List of Intel codenames

Replacing The Battery Scsi Led Connector optional Probably named after Mount Katmaia volcano in the Katmai Park in Alaska, the site of a colossal eruption. Banias was the last of the non-US city names. Bios Beep Codes Intel DXCV desktop motherboard. A and A mobile processors, based intel desktop board d845glva Dothan. Also the codename of servers containing this motherboard. Reference unknown; see Moorestown disambiguation for possibilities.