If you have another facility that can fix it, thats great, but you can offer to send a shipping box to me where I am not to some country the computer originated in. I bought an HP laptop on Sept. You can support this site. Thanks for posting it. I cancelled the program and just received another invoice. Time to move on!!!!!

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Hard drive size is not an issue as i had a GB hard drive with Windows Media. Time to move on!!!!! She stated she followed the troubleshooting measures as best she could, and as hp pavilion dv9720us this writing, has spent a little more than one hour on the phone with Technical Support attempting to get this printer hp pavilion dv9720us work.

If the search function, to the right, does not return any results please click HERE to contact us via email with your make and model number. Again, thanks A LOT for the guide, it made life a lot easier than if I were trying to follow the maintenance guide. Test your laptop with each memory module in each slot. Ken, Thank you for your generous donation. When I switch on laptop the fan starts and stays on, the battery and power led lights up, the cd drive lights up and stays on but nothing hp pavilion dv9720us happens.

I have followed the guides and removed each component one at a time and tried an external display — still the same problem. I am sorry about the typo in there. Yesterday, I spent from approx 2pm until almost 10pm! This is a joke. Tested memory on spare laptop, memory works fine. Do you have any ideas what they might have done? Hello, like everyone else here, I am trying to fix my laptop.

DC Jacks by Make and Hp pavilion dv9720us. The mouse is still working when I move it around, but when I click it, there is no response. I hp pavilion dv9720us apart my hp pavilion dv9720us satillite a to replace the DC-IN cable.

The first two attempts went in vain as the phone just kept on ringing. I would like this one! Repair Shop Bulk Lots.

How to replace broken left hinge in HP Pavilion dv – Inside my laptop

I am using the Compaq laptop and i am facing the same problem. I talked to customer service.

Hover, it was not a service center but now a gaming center. I traced it to the little switch that sticks up out of the case, the standby switch I guess. Hello, I have an Acer Aspire hp pavilion dv9720us just out of warranty and it is powering on with fans running and lights displaying but not booting up.

Try reconnecting the hard drive. Did you test the laptop with an external screen? Make sure hp pavilion dv9720us power adapter is working properly.

They replaced 6 of them and since October of we have had this issue and HP does not seem to want to hp pavilion dv9720us it right and replace the others that dont work with windows 7 even though their site says it will.

The voltage output on your new adapter must be exactly the same as on the old one. Not accept pen drives. If you have nothing to lose, you can try this trick: I did not have the hinge issue.

The small hard drive light and cd drive hp pavilion dv9720us were hp pavilion dv9720us yet still no screen. Can you please give me any suggestions?

HP Corporate Office

Brethran, Hp pavilion dv9720us i try and use a longer screw and if so were would I get a screw like that? It seems that it was way to short to flip it upside down on the keyboard.

First thing to do — check the memory. I have misplaced my disk for my series hp printer that I have had for several pvilion.