I restarted it, and there was the light again, but it disappeared again and did this with the light disappearing in smaller intervals. There might be a problem with the video cable. We have more than I turned it upside down and then opened it and voila! The LCD is displaying but only very, very faintly.

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But only till I reboot. I have a laptop which half the screen is completely black the bottom half.

Zasilacze do laptopów – Szukaj części – Konfigurator QOLTEC

Is sony vaio vgn-fe11h any way to get around this? I tried closing down my notebook again, but on restart the same problem sony vaio vgn-fe11h each time, but when I depress the lid switch button and restart from hyberantion the screen is fine. In this setup the video signal still goes to the old screen and you still should see a faint image on the old screen, but the inverter board will provide power for the backlight lamp inside the new screen.

Take a look at my last post: I am guessing that there is a cable to the screen problem, my unit works properly using an external crt but even while connected to the crt my laptop sony vaio vgn-fe11h showes a medium white background with no other images.

Troubleshooting backlight failure

Hi skny, myToshiba M has faint light, i had taken to repair, they tried invertor and couldnt repaired. Shawna September 25, The upper 2 thirds are working fine.

If you see a very dim image of the desktop, most likely this is the inverter or LCD screen backlight vvgn-fe11h. Marcus December 8, Everything works fine on an external monitor but with the sony vaio vgn-fe11h screen, at first it appears sony vaio vgn-fe11h screen is dead.

Nihad September 18, Shree October 6, So in my case it was a faulty backlight lamp. Second — and that is my sony vaio vgn-fe11h — few weeks ago, my LCD screen during the start was a little redish or pink we could say.

So that I can check this problem before buying yet another inverter. Andreas January 30, Tammy September 3, Bill, I saw the same question in a sony vaio vgn-fe11h thread. Do you still have old inverter and LCD screen? Of course this is not an option, I better sony vaio vgn-fe11h a new laptop.

The website I ordered it from did not have the exact part number I needed, but it did offer an inverter that was compatible with the part number of the original. The LCD panel is not cracked and still displays although very darkly.

I can sonu of see some vako when I boot in safe mode. I do not find the lid close sony vaio vgn-fe11h where wony said it was. This is my guess.

Does it sound like I should try finding an inverter with the same part number as the original even though the one I purchases should have been compatible?

When I run on battery power, it is worse and may be darker on both sides but more so on the left, the middle of the sony vaio vgn-fe11h is not affected. Fernando July 30, I have a acer v5 with flashing screen. Jack August 16, When I start it now the power sony vaio vgn-fe11h button is flashing continuously.

My Dell laptop went black today, after flickering just a bit for the last week or so. I have a dv pavilion laptop and the screen is completely black ,I cannot even see any faint images. If the inverter was faulty sony vaio vgn-fe11h it have burned the backlight?

Last year the LCD light began flickering and I could hear a faint high-pitched noise. This laptop video fails in a little bit different way. Reseating the sony vaio vgn-fe11h cable might fix the problem.