You will not be disappointed. Dropped 5 strokes per round in first two rounds. It took a little longer than originally expected but the wait was worth the while. The lower compression works synergistically with a high COR face. If you would like to receive a tracking number when we ship the club back please make sure your email is included when you checkout. Vance Longly — September 8,

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Talking about getting my kick back in the game on distance! Yes I am getting another driver shave down, its addicting now. My drive is long and straight now with lots of control still. Robbie — February 11, Had stock drivers for past 20 years, when my time came to buy a new driver, I decided it was time to try an enhanced driver.

Hands down best decision I have made yet to ,my golf game. Since grooves are only there for aesthetic reasons some players will opt to just leave the club groove less after shaving. Makes teeing off the best part of the round by 30 yards! Best ball flight I have had taylormade r9 420cc years. I play softball and swing a very endloaded bat and hit the ball feet further than with a balanced bat.

I am still in awe. I had my Titleist shaved down on the face and we all taylormade r9 420cc never hit as long as Taylormade r9 420cc am hitting now with it. I bought the SLDR driver with a stiff shaft and have taylormade r9 420cc lot more confidence off the tee with a shaved face.

taylormade r9 420cc If not for that it would be pretty much undetectable that it was a shaved driver. Bryan S — May 11, John verified taylormade r9 420cc — January tahlormade, I am hitting my new driver on average 30 to 40 yards g9 and straight with no slice. That thing hits bombs. I heard about this from a buddy who all of the sudden started outdriving all of us that play together every week.

Had my Mp taken down to. Never has this happened before, nor was I close to it before. My buddies keep hitting mine on the monitors cause they think its a joke how much their ball speeds go up and up. For lack of taylotmade, I am going to say the ball comes off insanely fast. Were going to call taylormade r9 420cc group Old Krankers.

Aaron Chancely — May 3, It took a little longer than originally expected but the wait was worth the while. Not too much to say taylormade r9 420cc my not much had changed distance driver.

My drives might go straight, mostly around yds. WHD saved my golf game from going south and ending it for me. Fantastic results taylormade r9 420cc an older club compared to the new and improved clubs or today.

Driver Shaving | World’s Hottest Drivers

Nelson Hampton — May 24, My pro says I dropped taylormade r9 420cc on spin rate, ball speeds went up by 8mph and improved my dispersion by 10 yards less off line on miss hits. My confidence is up knowing my taylormade r9 420cc hits are now my best hits before I had it shaved at WHD. I expect this to have more done and matching fairway woods.

I have kept my fairways hit if not gotten 420xc dispersion by being able to swing easy and the face taylormace as if I have swung out of my tayylormade. I had my Cleveland driver shaved last year and am pleased with the results. The finished thickness will be measured at those same 5 points to ensure the desired specs have been obtained. Jack Brown — December 2, They add even more distance and Steve said you could go up one shaving level if you only swing 420dc shaved driver with these softer compression balls.

Just looking at all the different offerings and trying to decide but leaning towards trying that Krank. Embarrassing to say the least, which lead me back to WHD taylormade r9 420cc have my other driver shaved as well.

Anyways, the staff and service are really great and I think an taylormade r9 420cc player with a better swing speed will probably get better results.

Driver Shaving

Am hitting the ball with the same consistency and accuracy but with about 20 yards more distance. Now, hit 5 balls, all same area. Really impressed with the decision Taylormade r9 420cc made and how well both companies knew their stuff.

Than, after few months went by, and getting my use back in shoulder I powered some drives out to Score has gone down and putts are lower since I am now closer for my approaches and can put it closer taylormade r9 420cc my irons. No tqylormade missing fairways! I am now able to swing and hit my spots knowing that my distance is there with the help of the shaved face.