I proceeded to download the Pocket PC versions and install them and then I made a little discovery that may encourage some users, the activation codes are the same for either platform! So based on the prices and features the winner is the Mio P but we have one topic left to discuss the actual GPS software. In practice both work really well I prefer the Voice reminders but that’s my opinion. I have purchased a slew of games and programs for the Palm and was not looking forward to having to repurchase most of them for use on the Pocket PC. Well it’s official I’m addicted to my GPS and would not want to drive without it, I have actually been thinking about traveling to Prince-Edward Island and planning the whole trip with stops at Points of interest along the way.

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When we headed out to Westport once again Miomap failed as it could not locate the address we were trying to find, it showed roads in the town where TomTom showed close to 50 roads for the same area.

The GPS signal was strong and this was not the case the signal digiwakker perfect except for one mio digiwalker usb sync we passed under a much wider than usual underpass and the signal was restored mere seconds after clearing the underpass.

So why should I or you for that matter bother purchasing a GPS! No issues the process is painless and once you digiwalkker used to the sync software it’s fairly intuitive and painless to install other applications and games.

I suspect if you have never used either this won’t be an issue but users acustomed to the TomTom’s interface will be totally lost cigiwalker Mio Map’s sunc kinda like XP users trying Vista. Lastly the device has an occasional habit of not turning on when the power button is pressed which results in you having to press the reset button, not showstoppers but annoying.

This mio digiwalker usb sync the GPS maps are out sycn date and I have not seen any updates available on the Mio website. I spoke with a friend who regularly visits family in the Niagara falls area and he had driven with her GPS unit and found it digiwakker be a rather indispensable gadget so he did some research after and decided that Garmin was the best unit, now I had heard from another friend who rented a vehicle with an on board GPS system that while mio digiwalker usb sync in the city of Montreal he often lost the GPS signal and was not happy with the GPS system, but he said it was wonderful when it was working.

I was afraid to try mio digiwalker usb sync install software with sunc Vista machine as I had heard some bad things about trying to sync with a Vista PC so I opted for the safe route and installed it on a Laptop with Windows XP.

mio digiwalker usb sync In one instance I was shown driving on a field for several miles instead of the road, I knew that this highway had been widened more than 5 years ago mio digiwalker usb sync was relocated to the side of the original road. The photo below is the top of the unit which contains the only hint of the devices true function the letters ‘GPS’. I thought about the GPS for a few days and announced to my wife that I was thinking about acquiring a GPS and was preparing all my answers for the usual battery of questions when she simply said ‘fine’ after my initial shock I asked why she thought it was a good idea and she replied with the upcoming trip to Montreal it would relieve a lot of stress trying to navigate.

Why was that such an important feature you may be asking yourself well because unlike the other devices which used mio digiwalker usb sync hidden OS the Pocket PC could be used as a very capable PDA Personal Digital Assistant. I also found both to be very good with recalculating the route if you miss a turn or are forced to take a detour.

Mio DigiWalker P GPS Navigation Pocket PC Review

Update Aug I recently went on a digiwaker trips into some rural areas around Ontario,Canada and here is where the Miomap software mio digiwalker usb sync to show some faults.

I can’t live without a few essentials on my devices the first being SmartMovie and my favorite time waster BeJeweled 2.

I have tried a few new programs for the Pocket PC and have found them to be great programs for use on any Pocket PC, below is mio digiwalker usb sync list of the best with usn to the website where the item may be purhased. I also installed a few Games that were Pocket PC only and they seemed to automatically use the landscape layout to maximize the screen area.

The units I choose are listed in the table below click on any mio digiwalker usb sync to see a larger view the table does not compare all the features just the basic features that I felt made the units worthy of a look, now remember all these units use the SiRFstar III chip.

A feature I liked with Mio Map is the way the map changes perspective when you approach turns, the map zooms closer to the area to allow you to have a better look and then after the turn is made it zooms back out to give you a better look at the road ahead. This coupled with the ability to bring games, photos, videos and access the internet all on one device is truly handy. I did notice on a mio digiwalker usb sync occasions that both of the GPS software’s gave directions that were not really the best route and they both used slightly different routes to the same destination, this would mio digiwalker usb sync effect a visitor to the city who had no idea in the first place but mio digiwalker usb sync worth mentioning that both plan routes fairly well with minor exceptions.

So based on the prices and features the winner is the Mio P but we have one topic left to discuss the actual GPS software. I have purchased a slew of games and programs for the Palm and was not looking forward to having to repurchase most of them for use on the Pocket PC. TomTom’s interface is more intuitve to use as the menu’s are sorted better, Mio Map takes some guesswork to find the same menu’s.

Final words Bottom Line if your looking for a GPS and would like to have as many features as possible then look no further than the Mio DigiWalker P, as outlined in this review you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better device offering the same features for less mio digiwalker usb sync your hard earned money.

I spent considerable time in various stores and online trying to whittle the choices down to 5 units. The P comes with a rather complete package as seen in the photo below.

The unit extends to double it’s base height and the cradle is reversible for various mounting positions, the cradle mount also mio digiwalker usb sync up and down and side to side to allow placement in almost any angle you may need to view the screen properly. The Car mount is a suction based device, you push the lever down behind the unit to create a very powerful suction that is not easily dislodged in fact they recommend releasing mio digiwalker usb sync once mio digiwalker usb sync month to ensure it mio digiwalker usb sync not weaken.

I nio some research myself and found that the best units all used the SiRFstar III chip, GPS receivers based on this chipset digiwwalker routinely performed better dync receivers based on other chipsets so I was prepared to do some shopping and see just how much I was going xigiwalker have to spend to purchase one. Unfortunately I had no practice time with the device due to a minor set-back when I first purchased the device.

The mount can be mounted to any windshield or dash by using the included self-adhesive base. Update Aug I have noticed one annoying problem with the device and it relates to battery life if you don’t reduce the brightness of diggiwalker screen you will barely get 2.

I found the Pocket PC to be as quick as my Treo for all of the programs and games I was running on each device.

Well it’s official I’m addicted to my GPS and would not want to drive without it, I have actually been thinking about traveling to Prince-Edward Island and planning the whole trip with stops diviwalker Points of interest along the way. GPS or Global Positioning System is a fantastic tool that has been in use for years but prohibitively expensive until fairly uusb, and it can be found in many cars now as an available option.

The screen is fine and has considerable brightness mioo in use for all other applications designed to use the proper x screen area. Now the Mio P also has a WiFi connection so that means you can read and answer your e-Mail or simply surf the internet for information on your Hotel’s Wireless network.

GPS ready, now let’s see if we lose the signal I will admit this was my first experience mio digiwalker usb sync a GPS system and I kept trying to set the start point and the end point, then while in wync car with a GPS lock it showed our current location and I finally understood why you don’t mio digiwalker usb sync a start point, the GPS knows where we are! I have found that almost snyc software that has both versions available Pocket PC and Palm uses mio digiwalker usb sync same activation code system, the only caveat is that your device user ID needs to be the exact same on both devices in order for this to work.

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Mio Digiwalker P Package contents So here are a few pictures of the Mio Digiwalker P so you’ll know ddigiwalker what you are getting when you purchase one. I was planning a trip to the same city and was concerned with this revelation and it may have stopped me if not for next comment he made, he suggested I purchase one and try it as I could simply return it after the trip if I found it to be unsatisfactory.

The chrome section is to attach a lanyard if so desired stnc it may also be part of the GPS assembly but it’s certainly sturdy enough for the intended purpose. I had purchased it the night mio digiwalker usb sync to our mio digiwalker usb sync close to closing time and I discovered that my package had been opened by another consumer and uab unit’s touch screen was defective so I was left scrambling to exchange it the morning we were to depart.